General Information

Rent OKC Metro is locally owned and operated, providing single family homes and small multi-family properties ranging from garage apartments to duplexes.  Availability varies,  watch the home page for vacancies.

We get a lot of questions along the lines of “what are your requirements” to rent a house.

This is a brief summary of our process:

  • We use an application which is then reviewed through our tenant screening service. Once the application is complete, it’s a pretty basic approach – we’re verifying the information you have given us on the application and we’re looking at both your tenant and your work history.  Some bumps on the credit report will not automatically disqualify you from one of our houses, we’ve all had bumps in our lives.
  • Because we hope to have a long term relationship, it is important to us to meet all tenant candidates so we will have to receive your application in person, after looking at the house you are interested in.
  • While we do advertise availability on Craigslist and in other venues, our number one approach to meeting candidates and getting applications is through open houses.  You can watch this page to see what houses are available and what open houses are coming up.
  • You can also email me at any time through the contact tab to see what else might be in the pipeline.  To protect the privacy of our tenants, we do not show properties until the prior tenant has moved or has given consent, therefore, I may know of something coming up that is not on the web site for public information.